Dog Grooming

About Us

Here at Mt. Scott Grooming we love being in the company of all types of cats and dogs. Steve, our head groomer has over 35+ years of grooming experience.

We are a smaller grooming shop that cares about your pets experience. We provide a quiet and calm environment to give them the care and gentle service they deserve as grooming can be stressful for some pets. If, at any point, we feel your pet is stressed you will be notified immediately. 

To continue providing a pleasant visit we ask that your pet gets picked up within 3 hours after being drop off.

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Our Resume

Former Veterinary Technician at Jensen Clinic for Pets and Birds (Kailua, Hawaii),Companion Animal Hospital (Kailua, Hawaii), and Kahala Pet Hospital (Kahala, Hawaii)

35+ Years of Grooming Experiece

Owned Fluff n' Stuff in Honolulu, Hawaii

Moved to Oregon and worked at Southgate Boarding and Grooming

Beautification Station, Owned and operated for 10 years.

Breeder/Groomer/Show Exhibition of Persian cats since 1980.

Bred and shown top winning cats in the country.

Retired, but realized retirement was overrated and decided to open Mt. Scott Grooming.